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About Me

The Basics

Hi, I'm Edie! You might know me by @rarimena or @emotionalmilkshake. I'm a 21 year old college student, and I go by she/they pronouns.

I am an INTP-T, which is introverted, intuitive, thinking, and prospecting, with a turbulent. I usually can only remember the I because I am indeed very introverted.
My enneagram type is 5.


peach Peaches!! The color, the fruit, the scent, and the flavor
peach Weird and quirky internet things
peach My betta fish, Zipper!
peach Sweet tea (I love Arizona and Peace Tea, but homemade will always be best)
peach Reading, especially poetry and short stories
peach Novelty earrings
peach The backstage part of musical theater

pokemon trainer card

Check out my favorite pokemon here!

Why rarimena?

Oh boy. Here's the shortest explanation I can give:

I was super into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic when I was in middle school. The character Pinkie Pie has a fan-named personality called Pinkamena who is marked by havig straight hair, and there's also a character called Rarity. Also, there is (was?) a popular MLP youtuber who made Cinema Sins-style vids about the episodes of the show. In one video, he calls Rarity "rarimena" in reference to her hair being straight in one shot. And then I proceeded to use that name for the rest of my life. I don't know why, there is no reason, you can blame my 12 year old self for this.

What is this site for, anyway?

I make all kinds of things, and I like having a central hub for those things! I used to have a carrd, but once I realized that there was a hard limit to the number of elements allowed on any given site something had to change. I've really enjoyed working with html and I love the freedom NeoCities gives me to stuff my site absolutely full of little widgets and gifs :)

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