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Animation Reviews

This is where I keep my all-around animated movie rankings! The ranking at a glance is located right below, and you can click on the movie covers to jump to my thoughts. The movies aren't in any particular order within the tiers.

S Tier

All-time faves. The best of the best according to moi.

A Tier

Good good good!!

B Tier

Mostly good, but there's something or other that I don't like.

C Tier

Meh. Boring tier.

F Tier

Bad >:(

Beauty and the Beast - B Tier

It's a lovely time, but I don't know, I think I like the musical better. No matter what, though, it beats the live-action version. Hands down.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas - F Tier

God, this was a slog. The Beast is mean and everyone else is boring. Definitely skip it.

Big Hero 6 - C Tier

I adored this movie when I was 14, but it's secretly just boring :( Baymax is the best thing about the movie.

Frozen 2 - F Tier

I guess I'm glad that something this weird can exist, but I wish it was any good.

Lightyear - C Tier

Why was this about Buzz Lightyear?? That's my main issue with it, and honestly I could talk all day about the inconsistancies. Other than that, it's a standard and at times beautiful sci-fi movie.

Lilo and Stitch - S Tier

A story about family will always get to me. It's so heartfelt in a way that later Disney movies struggle to match. And it came out the same year I was born!

Luca - S Tier

This might be my favorite Pixar movie ever. I cried through the last 20 minutes solid on my first watch and I've done it on every subsequent watch too.

Monsters Inc - A Tier

A modern classic. This is my brother's favorite Pixar movie.

Monsters University - S Tier

This is absolutely a guilty pleasure, I'll admit it. But even on a rewatch, it still holds up.

Soul - C Tier

I wanted to love this so badly, but it suffers from a storyline that wildly varies in quality and some concepts that were too metaphysical to really connect with.

Tangled - A Tier

A very solid Disney princess movie! You often hear people compare this and Frozen, but they're unique movies and can't be compared. But Tangled is better. I enjoy the tv show too!

Turning Red - B Tier

I love the vibes of this movie! I too was a cringy teen, although it was a bit later than this movie is set. This is one of those movies that I am definitely too old for, which is A-OK by me. It's not made for me :)

Wreck-It Ralph - S Tier

One of most intricately plotted Disney movies out there. The characters are top notch, the jokes are funny, it's stressful beyond belief - I wouldn't fault someone for calling this objectively the best Disney movie.

Zootopia - S Tier

This movie is so fun! I love Judy and Nick's banter, and the mystery is a cool one, too.