Night Wind by Frances Bloom
Where Are You, Jacob? by Frances Bloom
No Weather by Frances Bloom
Companions of the Wood by Frances Bloom
With Bated Breath by Frances Bloom
Love of the Daffodils by A Paige Reid

“Walk with me on
this lonesome street
and be my
companion of the wood.”

~ Frances Bloom,
Companions of the Wood

ACHE by Frances Bloom
Paper Bullets & Iron Shrapnel by Ramona Meisel
Basic First Aid Kits Should Contain by Ramona Meisel
Bringing Flowers to a Grave by Ramona Meisel
Dirty Pennies by Ramona Meisel
Food for the Daffodils by A Paige Reid

“Last night I dreamed I said goodbye to your echo”

~ Ramona Meisel,
Dirty Pennies

Mortal Hearts by Ramona Meisel
A Blunt Blade by Ramona Meisel
Rimmed With Nostalgia by Ramona Meisel
Centre Stage by Ramona Meisel
Decay by Ramona Meisel
Clouds by A Paige Reid

“His skin is the colour of the night sky and when he smiles
the stars glimmer in his mouth and the milky way blazes in his hair.”

~ Ramona Meisel,
A Blunt Blade

Objects in Rearview Mirror are Closer Than They Look by Ramona Meisel
Unbury Your Heart by Ramona Meisel
Falling in Love at 2a.m by Ramona Meisel
Insomnia by Ramona Meisel
Constricted by Ramona Meisel
Island by A Paige Reid

“If I can’t love you in the sun
I will love you in my dreams.”

~ Ramona Meisel,

Words in Bold by Ramona Meisel
Nightsky Prayers by Ramona Meisel
Hungover by Ramona Meisel
Flaws by Ramona Meisel
Lightning Without a Sound by Ramona Meisel
Sands by A Paige Reid

“What is a boy
to the embrace of the night”

~ Ramona Meisel,

Breathless Over the Line by Ramona Meisel
Keeping Love in Shaking Hands by Ramona Meisel
Delusional Standard by Ramona Meisel
Late Summer Sky Callings by Ramona Meisel
Twelve Texts by Ramona Meisel
Death by a Thousand Cuts by A Paige Reid

“I am in love
I am in love
I am bursting with love
and you are the reason”

~ Ramona Meisel,
Late Summer Sky Callings

Two Hearts at 2:01a.m. by Ramona Meisel
We, 3 Years Later by Ramona Meisel
Chameleons by Ramona Meisel
Teenage Crimes by Ramona Meisel
Epiphany by Ramona Meisel
Light by A Paige Reid

“You smile at me from the other side of the road. My world explodes.”

~ Ramona Meisel,

Once in a Red Moon by Ramona Meisel
Destroyed Childhood by Ramona Meisel
Fool’s Hope by Ramona Meisel
Reminiscence by Ramona Meisel
Starshaping by Ramona Meisel
Out of Sync by A Paige Reid

“You are the soft hum of a melody calling my soul home.”

~ Ramona Meisel,

Punch-Drunk Love by Ramona Meisel
There is Always a Price by Ramona Meisel
Megalomania by Ramona Meisel
Burning Clothes in the Backyard by Ramona Meisel
Blank Space by Ramona Meisel
A Social Feat by A Paige Reid

“You are a girl who falls in love
and the world is on fire”

~ Ramona Meisel,

Frenzy by Ramona Meisel
Vile Romance by Ramona Meisel
Chrysalis by Ramona Meisel
Immortality by Ramona Meisel
Legends Never Really Die by Ramona Meisel
A Parting of Ways by A Paige Reid

“The sun rises over violet fields, bathing the world in love.”

~ Ramona Meisel,

One is Falling Asleep, One is Falling in Love by Ramona Meisel
A Human and a Ghost Fall in Love and the World Screams Murder by Ramona Meisel
Lukewarm Coffee by Ramona Meisel
Gold On Your Bones by Ramona Meisel
Ghost White by Ramona Meisel
Oxygen by A Paige Reid

“Someone is shouting on the street
and the sky is tinted purple blue
and rosy cheeks”

~ Ramona Meisel,
Ghost White

Radio Silence by Ramona Meisel
Soulstained by Ramona Meisel
Notes on a Foggy Bathroom Mirror by Ramona Meisel
The Opposite of Nostalgia by Ramona Meisel
5 Kisses by Ramona Meisel
Gentle by A Paige Reid

“Let’s rage against the stars tonight.”

~ Ramona Meisel,
Notes on a Foggy Bathroom Mirror

The Woods by Christine Heppermann
The Never-Ending Story by Christine Heppermann
The Wicked Queen’s Legacy by Christine Heppermann
Abercrombie Dressing Room by Christine Heppermann
Sleeping Beauty’s Wedding Day by Christine Heppermann
Titanium by A Paige Reid

“No need for a bunch of trees.
You can lose your way anywhere.”

~ Christine Heppermann,
The Woods

Photoshopped Poem by Christine Heppermann
Prince Charming by Christine Heppermann
A Brief History of Feminism by Christine Heppermann
Suburban Legends by Christine Heppermann
The First Anorexic by Christine Heppermann
The Church Window by A Paige Reid

“Some say the Before poem
had character.
This poem is much more attractive.”

~ Christine Heppermann,
Photoshopped Poem

A SHAPE MAGAZINE Fairy Tale by Christine Heppermann
Retelling by Christine Heppermann
BFF by Christine Heppermann
Blow Your House In by Christine Heppermann
“Mannequins Make Me Feel Like a Failure.” by Christine Heppermann
Separation Anxiety by A Paige Reid

“The tighter her face, afire with the zeal of a wolf
who has one house left to destroy.”

~ Christine Heppermann,
Blow Your House In

If Tampons Were for Guys by Christine Heppermann
The Giant’s Daughter at Spring Formal by Christine Heppermann
The Anorexic Eats a Salad by Christine Heppermann
A Witch’s Disenchantment by Christine Heppermann
“Sweet Nothings” by Christine Heppermann
Let’s Leave it Open by A Paige Reid

“Mountains rise, fall, rise again.
Stars complete their slow trek into oblivion.”

~ Christine Heppermann,
The Anorexic Eats a Salad

Weight Watchers by Christine Heppermann
To My Sheep, Wherever You Are by Christine Heppermann
First Semester Haiku by Christine Heppermann
Vindictive Punctuation by Christine Heppermann
The Elves and the Anorexic by Christine Heppermann
On Hold by A Paige Reid

“I have a new job
at the library, where all the books are arranged
so they’re easy to find.”

~ Christine Heppermann,
To My Sheep, Wherever You Are

Runaway by Christine Heppermann
You Go, Girl! by Christine Heppermann
Thumbelina’s Get-Tiny Cleanse — Tested by Christine Heppermann
The Little Mermaid by Christine Heppermann
Health Class by Christine Heppermann
Jewel by A Paige Reid

“My world had shrunk
to the size of my tender new feet
on the dance floor, each minuet
like a harpooning”

~ Christine Heppermann,
The Little Mermaid

Ugly Stepsister by Christine Heppermann
Transformation by Christine Heppermann
Boy Toy Villanelle by Christine Heppermann
Rapunzel by Christine Heppermann
Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board by Christine Heppermann
Alice//Liz by A Paige Reid

“They all want the girl in the tower
to pour herself into their hands.”

~ Christine Heppermann,

Nature Lesson by Christine Heppermann
Red-Handed by Christine Heppermann
Finders, Keepers by Christine Heppermann
Gingerbread by Christine Heppermann
What She Heard the Waitress Say by Christine Heppermann
At My Core by A Paige Reid

“If every dream in my misshapen head
didn’t bite, I might have stayed at the table.”

~ Christine Heppermann,

Going Under by Christine Heppermann
Life Among the Swans by Christine Heppermann
Big Bad Spa Treatment by Christine Heppermann
Human Centipede Two by Christine Heppermann
Spotless by Christine Heppermann
Aftermath by A Paige Reid

“It’s a mark of good horror
when it turns your own body against you.”

~ Christine Heppermann,
Human Centipede Two

The Beast by Christine Heppermann
Bird Girl by Christine Heppermann
Assassin by Christine Heppermann
View from the Balcony by Christine Heppermann
Pink Champagne by Christine Heppermann
The Queen and Her Tower by A Paige Reid

“Which now glowed brighter
than every awestruck star
and one hell of an envious moon.”

~ Christine Heppermann,
Pink Champagne

The Naming of Cats by T.S. Eliot
The Old Gumbie Cat by T.S. Eliot
Growltiger’s Last Stand by T.S. Eliot
The Rum Tum Tugger by T.S. Eliot
The Song of the Jellicles by T.S. Eliot
Fairy Story for Her by A Paige Reid

“They’re quiet enough in the afternoon,
reserving their terpsichorean powers
to dance by the light of the Jellicle Moon.”

~ T.S. Eliot,
The Song of the Jellicles

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer by T.S. Eliot
Old Deuteronomy by T.S. Eliot
Of the Pekes and the Pollicles by T.S. Eliot
Mr. Mistoffelees by T.S. Eliot
Macavity: The Mystery Cat by T.S. Eliot
Summer by A Paige Reid

“And we all said: Oh!
Well I never!
Did you ever
know a cat so clever
as magical Mr. Mistoffelees!”

~ T.S. Eliot,
Mr. Mistoffelees

Gus: The Theatre Cat by T.S. Eliot
Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town by T.S. Eliot
Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat by T.S. Eliot
The Ad-dressing of Cats by T.S. Eliot
Cat Morgan Introduces Himself by T.S. Eliot
Indulgence by A Paige Reid

“And (to put it in rhyme) ‘I shall last out my time'
is the word of this stoutest of Cats.”

~ T.S. Eliot,
Bustopher Jones: The Cat About Town

Weird by Pat Mora
I Can Dance by Pat Mora
Revenge x 3 by Pat Mora
Doubts by Pat Mora
Mirrors by Pat Mora
Healing by A Paige Reid

“What if, when I leave,
I crumple
by myself?”

~ Pat Mora,

To-do List by Pat Mora
Mariachi Fantasy by Pat Mora
Fortune Cookie by Pat Mora
Back Then by Pat Mora
Valentine to Papi by Pat Mora
His Last Melody by A Paige Reid

“She’d smile
at me, and I’d feel like I’d swallowed
a slice of sun.”

~ Pat Mora,
Back Then

First Time by Pat Mora
Hands by Pat Mora
The Mission by Pat Mora
Grandma’s Joke by Pat Mora
Conversation / Conversación by Pat Mora
The Shape of a Friendship by A Paige Reid

“Grandma laughs her sweet-as-pansies laugh
that moves to her shoulders,
and they laugh too.”

~ Pat Mora,
Grandma’s Joke

Kissing by Pat Mora
Pressure by Pat Mora
On the Edge by Pat Mora
On Guard by Pat Mora
The Silence by Pat Mora
Slider by A Paige Reid

“I know how
to build fences.
I’ve built my borders
for years.”

~ Pat Mora,
On Guard

Please by Pat Mora
Spanish by Pat Mora
Broken Home? by Pat Mora
Dear ___, by Pat Mora
Dumped by Pat Mora
Whole But Incomplete by A Paige Reid

“Sometimes, love
becomes a melody
others hum for years.”

~ Pat Mora,
Dear ___,

Questions by Pat Mora
Old Love by Pat Mora
Our Private Rhyme by Pat Mora
The Squeeze by Pat Mora
Safety by Pat Mora
Soothing Wildfires by A Paige Reid

“What if I got stuck
in the warmth and never left?”

~ Pat Mora,