Note: I read a very bad and edgy poetry collection this month that has some potentially triggering poem names. Feel free to skip this month if you think that will upset you!

As a Father of Daughters by Hannah Aizenman
I Will Be by Frances Bloom
Midnight Glitter by Frances Bloom
Waste of Space by Frances Bloom
Be Careful by Frances Bloom
Playground by A Paige Reid

“Come away
with your cares
in hand
and dreams
far behind you.”

~ Frances Bloom,
Be Careful

The Heedless Shepard by Monica McClure
Break, Break, Break by Alfred Tennyson
The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Tennyson
Ulysses by Alfred Tennyson
Give Me a New Life by Avianna Lemonier
Guardian by A Paige Reid

“When can their glory fade?
O the wild charge they made!”

~ Alfred Tennyson,
The Charge of the Light Brigade

Drift by Alicia Mountain
Woman by Avianna Lemonier
At My Lowest by Avianna Lemonier
Flowers by Avianna Lemonier
All I Know by Avianna Lemonier
Sunrise by A Paige Reid

“To know that, no matter what, I am loved
is more than I can express”

~ Avianna Lemonier,

Climate by Meghann Plunkett
Resurrection by Avianna Lemonier
My Life by Avianna Lemonier
Joyful by Avianna Lemonier
Poetry by Avianna Lemonier
Kintsugi by A Paige Reid

“The love that you have for me
is like poetry, so sweet in its sound”

~ Avianna Lemonier,

I Sought the Wood in Winter by Willa Cather
Filled With Hope by Avianna Lemonier
Saved by Avianna Lemonier
Live by Avianna Lemonier
Memories by Avianna Lemonier
Puddles by A Paige Reid

“For this the star dust troubles,
For this have ages rolled:
To deck the wood for bridal
And slay her with the cold.”

~ Willa Cather,
I Sought the Wood in Winter

Reinforcements by Marianne Moore
Persevere by Avianna Lemonier
Loved By You by Avianna Lemonier
Waves in Veils by Daisy Aldan
The Wave by Daisy Aldan
The Worth of It All by A Paige Reid

“Nothing is without sequence
without consequence.”

~ Daisy Aldan,
Waves in Veils

Cloud Demolition by Willa Carroll
The Visible Script by Daisy Aldan
Mercurial Pitching Sunbeams by Daisy Aldan
We Move Into by Daisy Aldan
Of Water and Fish by Daisy Aldan
Where I’m Meant to Be by A Paige Reid

“I go back. Bend & kiss
his hand. Outside, long
soft nails hammer the earth.”

~ Willa Carroll,
Cloud Demolition

Eclipse Season by Tracy Fuad
Red and Black Ants by Daisy Aldan
Glaciers by Daisy Aldan
We Walk by Daisy Aldan
A Careening of Rivers by Daisy Aldan
Wavelength by A Paige Reid

walk across fields of
wildflowers meditating
what is to be revered”

~ Daisy Aldan,
We Walk

Night Needs No Stars by Youmna Chlala
Transmutation by Daisy Aldan
Study the Light by Daisy Aldan
In Flight by Daisy Aldan
The ‘I’ by Daisy Aldan
Burnout by A Paige Reid

“You were too bright to be a star”

~ Youmna Chlala,
Night Needs No Stars

At the New York City AIDS Memorial by Stefania Gomez
At Night by Daisy Aldan
He Grew by Daisy Aldan
Sonorities by Daisy Aldan
Gods of the Sun by Daisy Aldan
Limits by A Paige Reid

“He grew out into the existence
of stars.”

~ Daisy Aldan,
He Grew

In Fog by Daisy Aldan
Watching a Million Birds by Daisy Aldan
Fall by Daisy Aldan
Polarities by Daisy Aldan
Dead Trees by Daisy Aldan
Bus Stop by A Paige Reid

“Casting off
our bee-hive
bodies we glow among stars.”

~ Daisy Aldan,

Promises by Butch & Louie
Pounds of Sorrow by Butch & Louie
Plumbers by Butch & Louie
The Lawn by Butch & Louie
Faux by Butch & Louie
Little by A Paige Reid

“The weight
of love
is heavy.”

~ Butch & Louie,
Pounds of Sorrow

Hats by Butch & Louie
Visiting the Zoo by Butch & Louie
Smoking Weed by Butch & Louie
Nudist Anthem by Butch & Louie
Washing Dreams by Butch & Louie
Three in the Morning by A Paige Reid

“Where the hell are all my dreams,

~ Butch & Louie,
Washing Dreams

Bittersweet Goodbye by Butch & Louie
Solitude by Butch & Louie
Welfare by Butch & Louie
Unfinished Symphonies by Butch & Louie
Yellow Roses by Butch & Louie
The Unending Struggle by A Paige Reid

“Yellow roses
know who they are.
Do you?”

~ Butch & Louie,
Yellow Roses

Life According to Hoyle by Butch & Louie
The Beginning of Tomorrow by Butch & Louie
Poetry for the Ages by Butch & Louie
Unemployment by Butch & Louie
Blind Girl by Butch & Louie
Misery Princess by A Paige Reid

“In the golden light
a cool breeze
stirs the leaves,
and plays a song in my heart.”

~ Butch & Louie,
The Beginning of Tomorrow

Loving in the Wind by Butch & Louie
Conversations by Butch & Louie
Sex by Butch & Louie
Just Say No by Butch & Louie
Procrastination by Butch & Louie
The Erosion of Consent by A Paige Reid

“Life is filled
with tiny romances”

~ Butch & Louie,
Loving in the Wind

Don’t Drip on the Paper by Butch & Louie
I Went There Once by Butch & Louie
Well Dressed by Butch & Louie
The Economy by Butch & Louie
Two Poems About Trees #1 by Butch & Louie
Goodbye to Running by A Paige Reid

“Do the trees feel
rejected too?”

~ Butch & Louie,
Two Poems About Trees #1

Two Poems About Trees #2 by Butch & Louie
Her Breasts by Butch & Louie
Forgotten Again by Butch & Louie
California Gold Rush by Butch & Louie
Fat Cowboys by Butch & Louie
Assimilation by A Paige Reid

“I like to dream about the forest”

~ Butch & Louie,
Two Poems About Trees #2

Flying by Butch & Louie
Lions by Butch & Louie
Dreaming by Butch & Louie
Stamp Collecting by Butch & Louie
Words Forever by Butch & Louie
Wish by A Paige Reid

“My mind
forgets time,
and flies
high above
the waters.”

~ Butch & Louie,

The Snow is Falling by Butch & Louie
Touching by Butch & Louie
Instructions by Butch & Louie
Birth of a Serial Killer by Erik Straker
Baby Doll Dead by Erik Straker
Cautionary Tale by A Paige Reid

“How should such
a feeling
be saved?”

~ Butch & Louie,

Dead Man by Erik Straker
The Beautiful Bloody Kiss by Erik Straker
In the Dark by Erik Straker
I Feel Within by Erik Straker
Cry to Heaven by Erik Straker
Fade by A Paige Reid

“I pray to god
to get a dead girl’s kiss.”

~ Erik Straker,
In the Dark

Dark Paths by Erik Straker
Confessions of an Android by Erik Straker
Fairy Tale Destruction by Erik Straker
Photographs of You by Erik Straker
In Winter by Erik Straker
Afloat by A Paige Reid

“Quilted dreams of gilded gold.
Left to wither in the cold.”

~ Erik Straker,
Photographs of You

One Wish by Erik Straker
The Virgin Bleeds by Erik Straker
Pound of Flesh by Erik Straker
The Speed of Ghosts by Erik Straker
Dead Children by Erik Straker
Stable by A Paige Reid

“My broken dreams are like
a kaleidoscope of ghosts.”

~ Erik Straker,
The Speed of Ghosts

Eat Your Family by Erik Straker
The Unholy Rape by Erik Straker
Resurrecting Monsters by Erik Straker
Best Friend by A Paige Reid
Happiness Is by A Paige Reid
Shame by A Paige Reid

“Is there any feeling quite so sweet and warm
as the casual belonging of friendship?”

~ A Paige Reid,
Happiness Is

Spirals by A Paige Reid
Stop by A Paige Reid
What Was That, Sorry? by A Paige Reid
Interesting by A Paige Reid
Recently I Realised Is by A Paige Reid
The Savior’s Hand by A Paige Reid

“Recently I realised I’m oh so very lonely
and though I don’t want anyone,
I need a ‘one and only’.”

~ A Paige Reid,
Recently I Realised

A Place Just for Me by A Paige Reid
Eclipse by A Paige Reid
Burning to Love by A Paige Reid
She is Loved by A Paige Reid
Yolo by A Paige Reid
Another Story for Her by A Paige Reid

“Constellations are creations of dreamers”

~ A Paige Reid,
Burning to Love

Amore by A Paige Reid
Wonderland by A Paige Reid
Left in the Attic by A Paige Reid
Left in the Attic 2 by A Paige Reid
Seed of Darkness by A Paige Reid
Princesses by Susan O’Reilly

“My head gave up on love
but my heart won’t learn her lesson”

~ A Paige Reid,
Seed of Darkness

Untitled by A Paige Reid
Eyes Stuck Open by A Paige Reid
Adventure by A Paige Reid
‘Tis the Season by A Paige Reid
Heartbeat by A Paige Reid
Epilogue by A Paige Reid

“When the movie’s over and the dream is done,
all that’s left to do is exit the cinema.”

~ A Paige Reid,

Fairy by Susan O’Reilly
Elf Off by Susan O’Reilly
Santa by Susan O’Reilly
Bauble by Susan O’Reilly
Naughty by Susan O’Reilly
Man in the Moon by Susan O’Reilly

“They don’t know my secret
that my magic is real”

~ Susan O’Reilly,

Love by Susan O’Reilly
Who’s the Boss? by Susan O’Reilly
Decorations by Susan O’Reilly
Grinching by Susan O’Reilly
Lit Up by Susan O’Reilly
Jingling by Susan O’Reilly

“Love is the best gift bestowed”

~ Susan O’Reilly,

Comfy by Susan O’Reilly
Hosting by Susan O’Reilly
The Beginning by Juliette Sobanet
Did My Soul Already Know? by Juliette Sobanet
Even Before by Juliette Sobanet
On Your Birthday… by Juliette Sobanet

“I want you to know
that of all the souls
who have crossed paths with mine
I am happiest to have found yours”

~ Juliette Sobanet,
On Your Birthday…