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sweet tea Welcome to my site! sweet tea

I'm glad you've stumbled onto my little part of the internet :)

This is my hobby site that's a little bit of everything I love. You'll find my wips, various reviews, a shrine or two, and more!

You can use the navigation bar on the side to take you to the main pages of the site. You can read about me here. Want a challenge? Learn about the site scavenger hunt here!

Please enjoy your stay ♡

This site is always under construction! Check back often for updates and new neat things!

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Created on: May 20, 2022

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Cats are believed to be the only mammals who don't taste sweetness.

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teabag Updates teabag

April 19, 2023  Goodness, it's been a while, hasn't it? Brushed off the dust and added a new music page, along with some stamps.

August 29, 2022  The collections page is the new home of the toy box, the sticker album, and my stamp collection, as well as a new pin board page!

August 28, 2022  New toy box page!

August 27, 2022  INFINITE NEW PAGES!!!!! Only one broken page link left!

August 26, 2022  There are some tea reviews now, and I added to the living room.

August 25, 2022  Cleaned some things up. Let me know if you find broken links, I'm sure there are still some somewhere.

August 8, 2022  Added a bunch of stamps, and Rainbow High shrine!

August 7, 2022  Updated shrines page to include Fonts shrine. Soon my RH one will be done, too!

August 6, 2022  So, so many new pages! Check em out!

August 5, 2022  Added awards and a scavenger hunt.

July 16, 2022  Updated the poetry corner. Check out my January poems-a-day journal!

July 10, 2022  Added a bunch of broken links that soon won't be broken.

July 7, 2022  Quiz page!! Learn what kind of bat you are! And there's a little cat that will chase your cursor, plus a cave for my dragons and an imood indicator.

July 5, 2022  Updated WIP page and Not Found pages, and added Theatre Revues page! I've still got more to add there but there's still 2 shows to read through now :)

July 4, 2022  Added Current WIP and 12 Books challenge pages, and recoded the sidebar to be easier to add things to. And welcome back, music player!

July 3, 2022  Oh, there's a mysterious door here.

July 2, 2022  Added some stamps and finished up construction.

July 1, 2022  Rearranged some things and added About page. Oh, and removed music player. That was short lived.

June 30, 2022  BINGO!!!! It took so long to get it to work! Also music player (might change it later) and some little pets.

June 29, 2022  Added the Updates section! Also added lots of links and made a site button.

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2022 Reading Challenge

2022 Reading Challenge
Edie has completed her goal of reading 104 books in 2022!
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